Ethiopian from Timeless, brewed at home in a Chemex.

We’re trying something new… the occasional longer form review of coffee.

To start, let’s talk about iced coffee from Coffee Works in Sacramento, CA. Why iced? I went on a recent Saturday with my brother and nephew, and it being summer in Sacramento, it was pretty warm outside. After our walk there, my brother and I (the wee barn did not partake) both needed a frosty cold one. I just got a small iced coffee, straight black. My brother got a large iced coffee, with 2% milk and simple syrup. (Can you guess whose is whose?) 

Another reason I was excited to get an iced coffee is that in addition to roasting their own beans, Coffee Works also does cold brewed iced coffee. While cold brewed coffee is becoming more common at reputable coffee shops, I still find with some frequency shops that just ice down hot coffee. It has a distinctive bitterness that isn’t quite right. Coffee Works’ iced coffee is very smooth, slightly nutty, and not too acidic. I could easily chug it without gagging or cringing. 

The atmosphere at the shop is also a nice mix of laid back and inviting, but also a place that really takes their coffee seriously. I can see why my brother frequents the place. It’s a great place to meet a friend to catch up, read a book, or get some work done.

On this afternoon my brother and I caught up about all sorts of things. I tried to explain why German football was so dominate, though I most likely bored him. We also discussed the recent trend of failed drug tests in UFC. There was at some point a discussion of Perry Mason cosplay. Once my nephew mangled both of our straws we started back on our walk to get lunch, refreshed from our iced coffees. 

They might not be a super trendy third wave coffee, Coffee Works routinely delivers quality coffee done right. You can’t go wrong by a cup from them. I look forward to going back, and not just because the company is fun to be around. 

Shop: Coffee Works Sacramento, CA
Coffee: Iced Coffee
Companion: Brother, Alec

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